Omics 201 Lecture Series Syllabus


All lectures will be held at the Center for Precision Medicine Conference Room, G-Floor, NRC Building, Bowman Gray Campus, from 12:00 to 1:00 pm.

8/28 Gene Expression: RNA Sequencing and Transcriptomics (Dr. Laura Cox, Ph.D.)

9/11 Epigenetics: Methylation and ncRNA (Dr. Tim Howard, Ph.D.)

9/25 Metabolomics: Small Molecules and Biochemical Activity (Dr. Andrew Bishop, Ph.D.)

10/9 Untargeted Proteomics Analysis with Mass Spectrometry (Dr. Michael Olivier, Ph.D.)

10/23 Pathway Analysis and Integrated Omics (Dr. Ellen Quillen, Ph.D.)

11/6 Microbiome and Metaomics (Dr. Kim Reeves, Ph.D.)

 12/18 Study Design (Dr. Carl Langefeld, Ph.D.)