Angelica Riojas

Angelica Riojas

 Angelica Riojas, PhD student in the Molecular Medicine and Translational Science Program at Wake Forest University, who is conducting her PhD research in the laboratory of Dr. Laura Cox at the Center for Precision Medicine, is one of only 40 doctoral students selected across the United States to participate in the prestigious 2019 Yale Ciencia Academy (YCA). This year-long program will provide her with additional mentoring, peer support and networking opportunities. The program will also help its recipients in developing skills important to further career advancement and for contributing to their communities through science outreach. Congratulations, Angelica!

 This program entails:

  • Conversations with successful scientists and mentors – Online video chats with role models and mentors who are in a variety of academic and non-academic careers. These conversations include Q&A sessions where professionals share their experiences, insights, and practical advice on diverse topics, including having careers in and outside of academia, getting funded, securing a postdoc, and work/life balance.

  • Moderated peer discussions – Online video discussions between program fellows to facilitate networking, peer mentoring, and community building. During peer discussions, participants have the opportunity to discuss topics including mentoring concerns, important milestones, and common challenges in graduate training, and addressing the imposter syndrome.

  • Workshops for skills development – The program features professional development workshops (online and in-person) on topics including: 

    • Defining and working towards professional goals

    • Mentoring

    • Scientific teaching

    • Effective communication

  • Science outreach & leadership – Participants have the opportunity to impact their communities through science outreach activities like the publication of popular science articles or podcasts or visits of local schools. See examples of our fellows' outreach projects from 2016 and 2017.

  • Annual face-to-face meeting – In-person meeting of all participants during the AAAS conference in February, to extend opportunities for networking and professional development.